Mary Ruth Clarke


Writing Coach Services

I have critiqued countless plays, I've been a dramaturge on new play production, and a script doctor for screenplays. I also teach screenwriting at Chicago Dramatists. I really enjoy the work, and being the ponderous, patient, intuitive, analytical person that I am, I'm good at it!

I will deep dive into your script. What are you trying to say? How can you say it more effectively? I'll give you tangible notes which you can work with.
I'll mentor you to fix the problems. We'll work on strengthening your plot, character development, and thematic structure so that your play/screenplay is fully realized and works as an organic whole.
I will format your draft to the industry standard. Not everyone is blessed with flying fingers. I will input your script into Final Draft, and give it a thorough proofread.
Not a writer, but have a great story you want to tell? Tell it to me, we'll copyright it, and with your input throughout the process, I will write it for you.

Send an email to, with coaching in the subject line. I can help you with your play/screenplay no matter where you live.