Mary Ruth Clarke


Story Workshop for Presenters

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Dramatically improve your presentations!

Unite the art of storytelling and the art of presenting.

Why Story?

Presentations have been around since we squatted in caves, persuading each other with stories. People are swayed in two ways. The first is by using predictable rhetoric – stats and facts. The second is to move beyond the intellectual and inject emotion into your idea. To stir emotion? Tell a story!

Long after your audience has forgotten the bullet points and the graphs, they will remember you and your message if you tell a compelling story. A story is a connection builder between presenter and audience.

Why Mary Ruth?
My two worlds have collided! As a screenwriter/playwright/performer who has freelanced in marketing for over 20 years, I unite my expertise as a story creator with my understanding and experience in the corporate world.
Onsite Options

This workshop is open to anyone who develops content for presentations.

Intensive: One day (or two half days!)

Introduction: Half day or evening


2 approaches:

  • Unearthing story opportunities within your company’s existing presentation template
  • Crafting your entire presentation as a story

After examining why story is so power and so white hot in the current business climate, we’ll examine key elements of story and audience, and focus on the skillful application of those elements to participant’s specific needs. To make the learning actionable, there will be multiple exercises – written and oral – individually, in pairs, and for the whole group. Be prepared to bring in a recent or future presentation to work on.

Participants will get

  • A new "way in" to creating presentations that are memorable and that resonate
  • A language to talk about story
  • Tools to spot and unearth great stories
  • Insight into where stories fit within presentations
  • A deep dive into the motherlode of story – your life
  • A way in to transforming your audience into the hero of the story
  • Tips and tricks about your role as a presenter