Mary Ruth Clarke


Freelance Services for Qualitative Moderators

Increase the amount of high quality moderating you are able to do. I'll free you to focus on the interviewing and towards insightful, actionable learnings.

Mary Ruth
Note Taking
I'll be your extra pair of eyes and ears in the back room taking notes, getting quotes, and observing all that goes on in both rooms which will enhance the debrief and speed report preparation.
I bring a unique analytical perspective, honed from my years in research, and life as a theater artist. Playwriting/acting has finely tuned my ability to ferret out a character's – and a consumer's – unspoken and spoken desires.
Accelerated Transcription
With the demand of a quick turnaround for reports, my flying fingers produce readable transcriptions with less emphasis on verbatim and more on capturing quotes, votes, likes & dislikes, confusions, needs, aspirations, and respondent tones. More about transcription
Group Moderating
And if need be I'll help moderate or interview which will add flexibility when your capacities are stretched. I'm good!

Why Work With Me?

You will be able to focus on your clients and the session, knowing that the ideas are not getting lost. Often I supply the team with a print up of the morning's ideas (numbered for ease of reference), so that they can go over them at lunch and strategize the afternoon's concept development.

I will tailor my final session notes to your format and style requirements, which can then be forwarded to the client.

You use only the services you need when you need them, increasing the flexibilities of your organization and your responsiveness to clients.

My freelance costs are lower than the fully-loaded costs associated with full-time employees.

Background and Experience

I have been freelancing in the worlds of qualitative research and strategic ideation for 22 years. The majority of my career has been servicing independent and in-house moderators and facilitators. I have ghost-written reports and ethnographic summaries. I am a playwright/actor and have taught acting/improv workshops to QRCA moderators, operated as a contrarian-respondent plant in a series of focus groups for a political party, named a theme park, a restaurant, a new electronic device, and my own screenplay: Meet The Parents.

I will be happy to supply references upon request.